Stem cells and regeneration of muscle tissue

Thème IMSC Fibres musculaires squelettiques en régénérationDuring skeletal muscle regeneration, the processes controlling the maintenance of cell immaturity and the transitions from immature muscle stem cells into committed skeletal muscle cells are extremely important. These cell fate decisions thus influence the quality of cell therapy strategies.

In this context, our research projects aim to identify the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern the heterogeneity and survival of muscle stem cells in order to maximize their ability to regenerate human muscle tissues.

Fig.1 : Skeletal muscle fibers during regeneration. Activated satellite cells (green).

Collaboration :

  • Dr. Didier Tousch, UMR Qualisud, Montpellier.
  • Dr. Anne Bonnieu, Unité DMEM, INRA, Montpellier.
  • Dr. Fawzi Kadi, Université de Orebro, Suède.
  • Dr. Angel Argilès, RD Néphrologie, Montpellier.

Major Publications :

Coordinator :

Participants :

Rivier François

Meyer Pierre