Stem cells: diagnostics and mechanistic studies in muscle Drapeau Françaispathophysiology

In France, myocardial infarction (IdM) is for 100,000 people and kills 13% of people after 1 year and 70% after 5 years. However, pharmacological treatments already widely explored, only slow the progression of heart failure (HF) following IdM and do not replace the dead cardiomyocytes

Myocardial repair strategies are therefore a major new avenue of research. Cardiac progenitor cells (CPC) is a population of stem cells « dormant » located in the myocardium. During an IdM, these CPC are activated, proliferate, and migrate to the site of injury.

The β-adrenergic signaling (major route targeted in the treatment of HF: beta-blockers) regulates the balance between survival and death of the CPC by promoting their proliferation. We examine the hypothesis that after IdM, activation of the β2-adrenergic receptor promotes the activation of endogenous CPCs.

We study the mechanisms involved and assess the appropriateness of the use of β2-adrenergic agonists. In addition, and in collaboration with a team of chemists IBMM, we highlighted the facilitating effects of a small molecule synthesis.

 Collaborations :

  • David Piquemal (Acobiom, Montpellier),
  • Jean-Louis Montéro et Véronique Barragan-Montéro (IBMM, Montpellier).

Financial Suport :

  • Bourse Marie Curie (Amanda Finan-Marchi, 2015-16).

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Coordinators :

Richard Sylvain

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