Metabolites-non-enzyme-oxydes-of-acids fatty omega-3 polyunsaturated-and- muscle-functions-in-normal-pathological-muscle /

Theme LeGuennecThe cardioprotective role of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA ω3) has been known since the 1970s. Progressively,  many laboratories have attempted to understand the origin of this cardioprotection which mainly following a myocardial infarction but none consensus made is yet found. In collaboration with chemists IBMM, we hypothesized that these are not the fatty acids themselves are active but the oxidation products of these lipids.

Indeed, following myocardial many reactive oxygen species are produced and oxidize proteins, nucleic acids and cellular lipids. If the membrane is enriched in ω3 PUFAs such as DHA (C22: 6n-3), there will be among the products of non-enzymatic metabolites neuroprostanes. We seek to identify and understand how these neuroprostanes modulate cardiac cell physiology.

Collaborations :

  • Thierry Durand, Camille Oger, Jean-Marie Galano (IBMM Montpellier),
  • Stéfan Matecki, Alain. Lacampagne (équipe 2 du laboratoire).

Major Publications  :

Patents :

  •  V. Bultel-Poncé, T. Durand, J-M Galano, J-Y Le Guennec, C. Oger, Roy, J. Thireau. « Methods and pharmaceutical composition for the treatment and prevention of cardiac arrhythmias ». Numéro d’application : WO2014086819.
  • A. Lacampagne, A. Guy, C. Oger, H. Dridi, J-M Galano, J-Y Le Guennec, J. Roy, S. Matecki, T. Durand, J. Thireau, V. Bultel. « Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of disorders or diseases associated with ryanodine receptor dysfunction ». Numéro d’application : EP14305977.2 du 23/06/2014.

Coordinator :

Le Guennec Jean-Yves

 Participants :

Demion Marie