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 INSERM U1046, CNRS UMR9214, Université de Montpellier.

Director : Jacques MERCIER; Deputy-Director : Alain LACAMPAGNE

We develop modern approaches to conduct excellent fundamental research and deduce from theses, new impact in the field of muscle diseases. Our researches in the biomedical field will focus on understanding the molecular basis of various chronic and / or hereditary diseases and then consider possible innovative therapeutic strategies.

** 4 areas of Research are developed within the INSERM unit U1046 entitled : « Physiology & Experimental Medicine Heart and Muscles »:

Team 1Ion channels and calcium homeostasis in cardiac muscle and vascular muscles.

Team 2 – Calcium signaling and function of the sarcomere in cardiac and skeletal muscle

Team 3 – Skeletal muscle dysfunction in acquired and inherited diseases.

Team 4 – Development of visceral smooth muscle and associated pathologies.

Last Update : March 2019