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 Drapeau FrançaisDevelopment of visceral smooth muscle and associated pathologies

De Santa Barbara PascalThe main objective of our team #4 is thus to identify and better understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the alteration of gastrointestinal smooth muscle in chronic diseases (examples: motility disorders, GIST disorders, and Diabetes) to develop effective strategies and / or therapeutic diagnostics to reduce muscle dysfunction.

Gastrointestinal musculature

 Theme 1 : Activity of RNA-binding proteins in digestive muscle

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We recently identified RBPMS2 (for RNA-Binding Protein for Multiple Splicing-2), a member of the RNA Recognition Motif (RRM) protein family, as an early marker of determined SMC precursors. RBPMS2 was showed to  …………………… (Read more)


 Theme 2 : Digestive mesenchymal progenitor differentiation and mitochondrial dynamics




We previously demonstrated that differentiation of digestive mesenchymal progenitors into smooth muscle cells is under the control of signaling pathways such as NOTCH, WNT et YAP/TAZ (Faure et al. Development, 2015 ; McKey et al. BMC Biol, 2016).   (Read more)




Theme 3 : Dysfunction of the smooth muscle plasticity in digestive pathologies

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Alterations in the molecular mechanisms that control the development of the digestive musculature could be present in specific digestive disorders. Interestingly, we really found that abnormal high ………………………….(Read more)


Total Publications Team # IV (from 2014).  (to see).